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Supposedly Tang's work embraces a sense of inadvertently intricate rhythm. However, after I got acquainted with her, her persistence to certain things and her ingenuity towards daily arrangement conveys a contrary feeling. Regardless, her work uncovers a sense of abscurity, which leaves behind traces of her daily observation and responses towards social issues. - Tam Wai Ping 2004.



We are streets people, 2014

我們都是街道上的人, 2014


'Take Them Home' Art Project, 2014

'帶回家' 視覺藝術計劃, 2014



2013 Street people have walked in Mr. C's house, 2014

2013 街上的人走進 B 君的屋子, 2014


2013 Street people have walked in Mr. B's house, 2013

2013 街上的人走進 B 君的屋子, 2013


Let's take a photo: Street people @ different locations, Curated by Yu Kei Kei, from 2013 -


2013 kid has walked in 1997-8 Hong Kong. 2013

2013小孩走入1997-8香港, 2013


Happy day @WKCD 2013.5.5 (I), series of 7, 2013

西九快樂日2013.5.5(一), 一組七件系列作品,2013



Matching the streets people in Hong Kong VII, series of 7, 2013

配對香港街道上的人 (七), 一組七件系列作品, 2013


Hanging the people in the streets of Hong Kong up on your body. 2013

把香港街上的人掛在身上, 2013


People in the streets of Hong Kong. 2012

在香港街道上的人(一), 2012


Yau Ma Tei (1997-8), 2013

油麻地 (1997-8), 2013


The Plant @ Wetland has entered into the Reclaim land @ Central (2011.6.4), 2012.

濕地公園的植物走進中區的填海區(2011.6.4), 2012.



Lee Tung Sreet (2006)

利東街 (2006), 2011


Walk-in Tuen Mun 進入屯門 - A Residency Project at Lingnan University in 2010.



Light/Line 光/線 2008

Exhibited at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


The Veil and the Shelf 紗與架

Site-specific work at the exhibition entitled HistoriCity –Art Historical Writing in and on Hong Kong at Asia Art Archive 2007. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Veiled Clothes 隱蔽服

At the 'Cursive' exhibition, Artist Commune in Hong Kong in 2007. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Veiled Wall 隱蔽牆

At the 'Megartstore' exhibition, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2006. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


From Smallpox Vaccination…Fiction in Wanchai

由種牛痘開始 – 一個在灣仔虛構的故事

At the 'Re: Wanchai, International Artists Workshop' Exhibition in 2005. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


The lady likes to put on this fabric to see the world. 2003

那位女士喜歡穿上這幅布料去觀看世界, 2003

(Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Auspicious Series – About Time and Contemporary 2002-2003 吉祥系列

Exhibited at Hong Kong Central Library.


They're growing up 他們是這樣長大的 1996.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Playing majong 玩打麻雀 1996.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Beauty 美麗 1995.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Beauty, Happiness and Intelligence VI 美麗、快樂及智慧(六)1995.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Hong Kong Map Series: Land Reclamation and Idea of Center/Marginal Position 1998-1999


We're nice people 我們都是善良的 1991.