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Supposedly Tang's work embraces a sense of inadvertently intricate rhythm. However, after I got acquainted with her, her persistence to certain things and her ingenuity towards daily arrangement conveys a contrary feeling. Regardless, her work uncovers a sense of abscurity, which leaves behind traces of her daily observation and responses towards social issues. - Tam Wai Ping 2004.




108 ladies around us




We are streets people




'Take Them Home' Art Project,

'帶回家' 視覺藝術計劃




2013 Street people have walked in Mr. C's house

2013 街上的人走進 B 君的屋子



2013 Street people have walked in Mr. B's house

2013 街上的人走進 B 君的屋子



Let's take a photo: Street people @ different locations, Curated by Yu Kei Kei, from 2013 -


2013 kid has walked in 1997-8 Hong Kong




Happy day @WKCD 2013.5.5 (I), series of 7

西九快樂日2013.5.5(一), 一組七件系列作品, 2013



Matching the streets people in Hong Kong VII, series of 7

配對香港街道上的人 (七), 一組七件系列作品



Hanging the people in the streets of Hong Kong up on your body




People in the streets of Hong Kong




Yau Ma Tei (1997-8)

油麻地 (1997-8)



The Plant @ Wetland has entered into the Reclaim land @ Central (2011.6.4)

濕地公園的植物走進中區的填海區(2011.6.4), 2012.



Lee Tung Sreet (2006)

利東街 (2006)



Walk-in Tuen Mun 進入屯門 - A Residency Project at Lingnan University in 2010.



Light/Line 光/線 2008

Exhibited at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


The Veil and the Shelf 紗與架

Site-specific work at the exhibition entitled HistoriCity –Art Historical Writing in and on Hong Kong at Asia Art Archive 2007. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Veiled Clothes 隱蔽服

At the 'Cursive' exhibition, Artist Commune in Hong Kong in 2007. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Veiled Wall 隱蔽牆

At the 'Megartstore' exhibition, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2006. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


From Smallpox Vaccination…Fiction in Wanchai

由種牛痘開始 – 一個在灣仔虛構的故事

At the 'Re: Wanchai, International Artists Workshop' Exhibition in 2005. (Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


The lady likes to put on this fabric to see the world. 2003

那位女士喜歡穿上這幅布料去觀看世界, 2003

(Visual Veil Series 2003-2009)


Auspicious Series – About Time and Contemporary 2002-2003 吉祥系列

Exhibited at Hong Kong Central Library.


They're growing up 他們是這樣長大的 1996.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Playing majong 玩打麻雀 1996.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Beauty 美麗 1995.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Beauty, Happiness and Intelligence VI 美麗、快樂及智慧(六)1995.

(Hongkongese as an Identity Series 1991-1996)


Hong Kong Map Series: Land Reclamation and Idea of Center/Marginal Position 1998-1999


We're nice people 我們都是善良的 1991.