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Writing on art by Tang Ying Chi, Stella (http://stellatangyingchi.blogspot.com/) Curatorial Project: Art Container Project since 2008 藝術貨櫃計劃 Art in Community Project:





新型冠狀病毒下的香港巴塞爾藝術展,明報月刊, 2020.5

韋一空及香港藝術的文化身份, 明報月刊, 2020.1


巴塞爾的藝術光景, 明報月刊, 2019.5


香港藝術可以做?乜, 明報月刊, 2018.6

二0一八香港巴塞爾藝術展及香港藝術,明報月刊, 2018.5


香港巴塞爾藝術展:也是一場美夢?明報月刊. 2017.5

何藹恩的'女性'藝術作品, 明報月刊. 2017.9


光州雙年展之旅, 明報月刊, 2016.11


Is Tse Ming Chong’s work a series of documentation or self-expression?, Chronicle-Tse Ming Chong’s Hong Kong Diary 1989-2014, 2014, published by HKDI.

謝明莊的創作是一種記錄還是自我表達, 記述-謝明莊的香港日記1989﹣2014, 香港知專設計學院出版.

A Series of Artistic Expressions by Wong Wo Bik, at the exhibition leaflet of 'Not Just a Fashion Parade - An exhbition of Wong Wo Bik' at Lumenvisum Issue 41, Nov. 2014.

王禾壁的一連串藝術表現, 刊登於展覽刊物'不只是一個表演-王禾壁個展, 光影作坊第四十一期, 201411

My City, My (Our) Creation, The Work of Cheng Chi Ming, Nov. 2014

Painting and film, HK Cinema Issue 26, 2014.5


Me, you, him, her and it - Art takes a free wander, catalogue of exhibition entiitled Recovery Mode.

你我他她它- 藝術隨意走!復原模式展覽場刊


在開啟以後- 梁以瑚作品, 展覽場刊


藝術與社群. 文匯報.


就是這些藝術和觀眾啦. 文匯報.


Art on Caption, Wen Wei Po.

作品的標題, 文匯報.


The Colours That Remains, Wen Wei Po.


2010. 2

藝術由沈悶開始, 謝諾麟展覽場刊.



2009. 3.15

Visibility and countability in Creative Industry, Wen Wei Po.

看得到, 數得到的創意工業, 文匯報.


Visible/Invisible Artists Personality, Wen Wei Po.

看得到 / 看不到的藝術家氣質, 文匯報.


About Chinese Painting , Wen Wei Po.



Some ideas from Guangzhou Triennial , Wen Wei Po.

廣州三年展給香港的啟示, 文匯報.


Chinglish , Wen Wei Po.

不中不英,文字深意, 文匯報.


Thinking about Image: In Search of Tam Wai Ping's "Temple", White Text, Number 4.

思考影像,尋找譚偉平的【廟】白文本, 第四期.

2006. 6

Painting – From Western Art Phenomena to Works of Art, White Text, Number 2.

繪畫 - 從西方藝術現象到個人創作, 白文本, 第二期.


Kwun Tong Art Studios, Artslink, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

觀塘藝術工作室, 藝訊, 香港藝術中心.


Apologies for Women in Veils on ‘In Touch with Art with Visual Art' and Visual Veil , PS Autumn, No.24.

對不起 . 戴面紗的女姓 – 談「視藝全接觸」及「視覺面紗」, P.S. 第二十四期.



學而時習之 - 李慧嫻作品展
Happiness in the Making – An Exhibition of Works by Rosanna Li Wei Han, at Ping Yan and Kinmay W Tang Gallery, Lee Shau Kee Library, HKUST.


What Do You Want For Tomorrow, by 4th Hong Kong International Photo Festival, ah Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

聽日你想點?香港國際攝影節2016, 香港文化博物館專題展覽館


Body Geometry- Works by HO Siu Kee, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Unit 12, Hong Kong.

此身幾何 - 何兆基作品, 牛棚藝術村12號單位


pseudo- science, pseudo-myth - An exhibition of ceramic and mixed media work by Yim Wai Wai, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

偽科學, 偽神話 - 嚴惠蕙陶瓷及混合媒介作品展, 香港視覺藝術中心


Yes, the door is open, JCCAC galleries

對呀, 門打開了, 賽馬會創意藝術中心畫廊


If You Park Here, (Fotanian Open Studios 2010 Thematic Exhibition), Shatin Galleria, Hong Kong.

如果你停泊在這裡, 伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃特備展覽, 沙田商業中心, 香港.


Till the End of the World, 1a Space, Hong Kong.

直至世界的終結, 1a 空間, 香港.


The Re-telling of Drawing –Story of Peach Flower Garden , Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong.

再遇素描 – 桃花園篇, 香港視覺藝術中心, 香港.


The Re-appearance of Tsang Tsou Choi, The Art school Learning Centre Galleries, Hong Kong.

再現曾灶財, 藝術學院教學中心畫廊, 香港藝術中心.


Inseparable – An Exhibition on Small Works, The Art School Learning Centre Galleries, Hong Kong.

形影不離 - 小件作品展, 藝術學院教學中心畫廊, 香港藝術中心.


Hong Kong Artist Series – Inner Dialogue, Work of Ricky Yeung , & Frozen Words, Work of Wai Kit Lam , Art Forest , Canada.

香港藝術家系列 之 內裡的對話 – 楊秀卓作品展 及 冷語 – 林慧潔作品展, 藝森林,多倫多,加拿大.


Seen/Unseen , Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong .

看見 / 看不見, 香港視覺藝術中心, 香港.


The Retelling of Drawing-Twelve Hong Kong Woman Artists, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong.

再遇素描 – 十二位女性藝術工作者作品展, 香港視覺藝術中心, 香港.







Art Container Project is the largest outdoor art project in Hong Kong. The departure exhibition was held in the West Kowloon Cultural District in May, 2008. For detail: www.artcontainer.hk

Tang Ying Chi is the convener and artist of the project.

Her work entitled: From Ocean to land, 由海洋至陸地 , container paints on container surface, 2008, also included in the project.

People Power at New World Centre 2009

(Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation/New World Centre)

for more detail: http://www.hkyaf.com/

or media coverage: SCMP.com


Point to Point Site-Specific Art Project @ Sheung Tak Mall, Sheung Kwan O, 2009

(Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation) http://www.hkyaf.com/


Colour & Home Project 2008-09

This project is working with Art Promotion Office in the venue of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre and Hong Kong Park . Members of Community are encouraged to re-investigate the sense of colours towards the natural environment by taking a tour at the park and pursue the colour in form of a painting work.

After my own painting is displayed at home, it breaks the monotonous color of the environment (storage cabinet in my case), and reminds me of the vast horizon of the sky and the liberating experience in painting. - Catherine Wong (Participant).


My World, Your Space 1996

@ HKYWCA Ngau Tau Kok Branch, Youth Program, Hong Kong.


A Letter to Mr. Mirror 1991

Site-specific & youth program @ HKYWCA, Hong Kong.